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The Memory Thief

Author: Volodymyr Nikitenko
Illustrated by: Andrii Scherbak
Age: 7-99
Language: Ukrainian

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Where do memories go? Why do we remember certain things we don`t want to remember and
forget what we considered to be important once.
The kids come to fight the mysterious Crimean Memory Thief. For the sake of friends,
memories and native land.
This book is special. Why? Because fairy stories are easy to perceive and relive, this is
something reminding us of our childhood. The author tells about a difficult period of history
of Ukraine through the lens of fairy tales. For many, the recollection of summer on the Black
Sea coast, the scents of junipers on the paths of Chatyr-Dag Mountain, and of the Crimea as a
part of Ukraine have become a distant memory. The book does not return time back, does not
solve the problem but does not allow to forget, because no one can steal a part of our live!
Accurate illustrations complement the story, make it easy to perceive, but help to reflect.