About Us – Good Deeds Animation

about us

Good Deeds animation studio was set up in 2013 with the aim of developing new techniques of animation for television and the cinema and with a commitment towards exporting its work to the international market for a real high quality “Made in Ukraine” product.

We make characterful, spirited animations that inspire and delight, taking great care over the tiniest details. Most importantly, we believe in the power of character to bring a story to life.

We have the in house talent to develop concepts, write stories and direct and produce narrative 3D animation productions.

We produce short films, commercials and 3D animated series. We believe every project demands a unique look, feel and style in order to stand out in today’s busy visual landscape, and work hard on developing a distinct look and feel tailored to the demands of each project.

We have the capacity to handle all different creative, conceptual and productional aspects of 3D animation.

Have a look at our work for examples of our abilities, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Team

Volodymyr Nikitenko

Co-founder, creative producer

Dmytro Sudakov

co-founder, executive producer

Max Howard

executive producer

Manuk DepoIan

director, Screenplay Writer, Cartoonist

Andrii Scherbak

director, key artist

Taya Kabayeva


Pavlo Belyanskii

screenplay writer

Irina Gromova

Head of PR and Marketing

Svitlana Ketskalo

project manager

Vladimir Pospelov

artist, Storyboard Artist

Valentyna Kuz’mych


Tetyana Shamshetdinova

Music Composer

Sergey Shulikin

Key Artist, Art Director

Vladyslav Arsenin

Film editor

Dmytro Baskevych