210 good deeds – Good Deeds Animation

210 good deeds

Author: Volodymyr Nikitenko
Illustrated by: Andrii Scherbak
Age: 6-99
Language: Ukrainian

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The book captures, leads and leaves a pleasant feeling in the heart – kindness saves.
This book is about the power of good deeds.
The story introduces us to the Goudini family. The whole city talks about them – a bit weird,
but friendly and fun. The inventor and dreamer – the father – creates a time machine that
works from good deeds. But the sudden arrival of a close relative mashes the plans. Kids, Kit
and Emmy are to use the machine and change the story, with the only one day left.
The book has many illustrations and is not overloaded with unnecessary details that distract
from the story of the characters. The book provides a field for creativity – you can read it
yourself, give it to the kids or play scenes with the whole family. Enough roles for everyone!
Based on the book, the full animated series “210 Good Deeds” was created.