The Unworthy – Good Deeds Animation

The Unworthy


Author: Volodymyr Nikitenko
Illustrated by: Andrii Scherbak
Age: 9-99
Language: Ukrainian


It is believed that every 400 years we come to this world to correct the mistakes of
predecessors. So, earlier, people were wrong too, doing ridiculous things. The same us, but
less experienced us. However, there is one problem: no one has given us a guide guide to the
mistakes of previous Us, they have not left even a hint what we have to change. Modern We
do not know what mistakes We have made in the past, and we continue to repeat the same
silly stuff from generation to generation without giving ourselves a chance to become better.
Let`s imagine that one day a boy Fortunato will meet himself-from-past and himself-from-
future! What happened in the past, who failed among them in one of the generations, and why
they are so Worthless …
Let`s take a trip to the worlds and find out what our ancestors did for what we may suffer